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Friday, June 26, 2009

Belly full of fishy goodness

Dinner time rolled around tonight and I was hungry. I waited awhile for some dinner to magically appear in front of me, but as I was home alone this proved a fruitless exercise. I finally made my way downstairs and started scratching around the kitchen, waiting for inspiration to strike. I got some Spanish Mackerel out of the freezer, defrosting it in some warm water while I continued my quest for inspiration in the fridge and pantry. Luckily my vegetable drawer is never empty and it didn't take too long for an idea to form in my hungry brain. I ended up making an incredibly tasty ratatouille inspired fishy stew thing!

Ingredients were - in order of appearance - olive oil, onion, eggplant, carrot, red capsicum, garlic, red chilli, tinned chopped tomato, capers, green olives (stuffed with jalapenos), mixed herbs, anchovies and chunks of the defrosted Spanish mackerel. I would have liked to have served it on a bed of English spinach, but the closest I had was baby bok choy so I chopped that up and used it as a nice little bed for my fishy creation.



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