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Friday, May 15, 2009

Some sheets with your eggs sir?

This morning got off to a disappointing start as our pump instructor was off sick and they were unable to find a replacement. This meant that I actually had to use my brain at 6am and do my own weights session instead of blindly following along to the terrible music. As it turned out however I pushed myself pretty hard and managed to get quite a good workout, such that come 7am I was ravenously hungry and ready for a substantial cooked breakfast. Where to find such a thing? Why, the Country Road Cafe, finally!

As I've said before, the Country Road Cafe is hidden away within the Country Road building at 307 Murray St in the city. Although it opens for weekday breakfast at 7 (10 on Saturday, closed Sunday), Country Road doesn't actually open until 9:30 so you have to walk up the little alley to Wolf Lane and enter from the back entrance before this time. It is also possible to get to Wolf Lane by walking up Arcade 800 from Hay St, but I'm not sure when this opens in the morning. Besides, walking up Arcade 800 always gives me butterflies in my tummy as I've had all my piercings done at Primal Urge, and I wanted to conserve all available tummy space for my breakfast.

After having enjoyed some great lunches at Country Road Cafe over the past year I was excited about seeing the breakfast menu. As it turns out it is not terribly exciting, but covers all the basics nicely and, similar to the lunch menu, is very reasonably priced. I opted for the $13 "vegetarian breaky" of eggs, tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and toast. My friend chose the $14 "big breaky" of bacon, tomato, eggs, mushroom and toast. The toast was toasted Turkish bread, and was just the right amount to accompany the other components.

The Vegetarian Breaky (front) and Big Breaky (rear), about to disappear

I found every part of my vegetarian breakfast to be well cooked (perfectly poached eggs, hooray!) and tasty, and quite liked the addition of zucchini to the standard vegetarian breaky items. I was a little surprised however to see the usual Country Road Cafe salad garnish is included with their breakfasts, but sadly as I wasn't expecting it I failed to request it sans-dressing. Their creamy salad dressing can go down a treat at lunch, but I wasn't quite ready for the creaminess with my breakfast.

The same cannot be said for my friend, who found that the "big breaky" wasn't quite big enough to fill the hole, and decided to try a slice of their lemon torte, served with a big dollop of thickened cream. He didn't quite manage to finish it all off, and when I nibbled on a little bit when he was up paying the bill I found it to be deliciously moist and tangy. Just as well.. if it were dry I may have coughed and given myself away.

When the breaky ain't quite big enough

Whilst it was perhaps not impressive enough to warrant a special trip into the city, I found breakfast at Country Road Cafe to be reasonably priced, well cooked and tasty. I can now happily recommend it as a good place for both breaky and lunch, although I have to say their lunch menu rocks my socks a fair bit more than the breaky one. Seriously, if you work in the city and haven't been here for lunch, you're missing out. Just make sure to book a table for lunchtime or you may have to resort to stealing torte crumbs off the plates of strangers.

Country Road Cafe
Up the back of the Country Road store, 307-313 Murray Street, Perth
Entrance through Country Road, or from Wolf Lane which is accessible from King St, Murray St or up Arcade 800 off Hay St
Ph: 08 9321 3982
Hours: Weekdays 7 - 3 (kitchen open) 3 - 4 (coffee and cakes); Saturday 10 - 3; Sunday closed

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boroca May 24, 2009 at 12:28 PM  

I suggest for you to try La Cantina on Beaufort St next to Astor. Had breakfast there Saturday. Simple straight forward menu but really well executed (I think they make their own chipolatas, beans and hash browns) plus good atmosphere and good food.

Conor May 25, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

Cool, thanks for that! I have a few on my must-do list in that area already, I'll add it on there.

Anonymous February 16, 2010 at 7:59 AM  

I think Sayers in Leederville is deffinately the best breakfast you can get in perth - you should try it!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef February 16, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

Thanks Anonymous. Have actually been there countless times, and love it, but for some reason haven't blogged it yet. Must rectify this :)

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