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Monday, April 27, 2009

2 April 09 - My sleep for a cupcake (or 37)

I think that perhaps I have some sort of baking related obsessive disorder. I just can't stop myself when I see the opportunity to feed people with baked goods, even if it means baking from 11pm (after getting home from work) until 1am (when the last batch of cupcakes is finally freed from the hot tins), knowing full well I will be dragging my sorry arse out of bed at 5:20 the next day for some gym goodness.

I suspect this obsession stems from a need for positive reinforcement from others, as there is nothing quite like having people tell you that something you have cooked is truly delicious. Granted, I may be taking the easy option on the road to compliments by dosing people with sugar and fat, but I will take it how I can get it.

My journey through the breakfasts of Perth continued this morning, at Six Clicks West in Nedlands. Sadly it was nothing to spend too many characters on. With quite a dull menu to choose from, I opted for poached eggs on wholemeal toast, with grilled tomatoes and smoked salmon on the side. The salmon was forgotten until the waitress saw the look of dismay on my face, and the toast was very toasted. Luckily however the knives were reasonably sharp so this wasn't too big a problem (I only managed to shunt my toast off my plate by the force of my cutting once). I do not think that this breakfast warrants a return visit, which is unfortunate as the cafe is quite close to uni.

Apparently Six Clicks West is owned by the same guy who owns Van's Sidewalk Café in Cottesloe and Aubergine in South Fremantle, which is interesting as Van's was next on my list to try. I shall see if the superhard toast and forgotten salmon is a recurring theme...


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